Company Profile

Good Day. My name is Peter Huddy.

I have been in the building industry since 1994.
The building industry has not had the best reputation over the years and homeowners have been hesitant when considering renovations and the removal of walls in their homes.

It was generally accepted that to remove a wall in a home was not the best idea as trades in general had little respect for the client's property, created a lot of mess and the homeowner was left with the burden of cleaning up after the horrific ordeal.

Those days have gone!

I realised that there was a need to provide a service to homeowners, which specialises in the removal of walls in homes.

This service would need to incorporate 5 important criteria for it to succeed -


A quick, well supervised project


Respect of the owners property by tradesmen

Total efficiency

I have stuck rigidly to the five criteria and am proud to say that to date I have not had one dissatisfied client (we undertake on average three projects per week).

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Ph 0418 266 618.