The Process

The process of wall removal and renovation is as follows:

  • Free Home inspection/Quote
  • A quote will be emailed to you the following week of inspection
  • Our quote is accepted by you,
  • The agreement is signed
  • We then confirm a commencement date
  • The project then commences

Insurance is necessary for home improvement work and includes:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

The Home Building Contracts Act:

  • This act applies to all contracts in excess of $7,500.00
    A copy of this act is attached to our quotations

Local Authority requirements:

  • Contact your local shire to establish whether you require an building permit for the proposed home improvement work
  • If so, collect an application form from the shire, fill in your details, send the form to us for completion and then you submit the application form with your floor plan and Structural engineers report to the shire.
  • The floor plan is usually a photocopy of a section of your house plan, or a drawing done by you which shows the wall that is to be removed.
  • A structural engineer’s report will be required by the council.